Friday, January 18, 2013

Goat’s Milk vs Cow Milk

OK.. Goat's milk? Not something that suits everyones taste buds. But apparently, goat's milk is better than cow's milk. Some (boring) facts about goats milk that I was such a nerd to search up.
  • It is easy to digest and naturally homogenized. 
  • Contains ALL the known vitamins and a large number of the rare mineral elements. 
  • Has an alkaline reaction the same as mother's milk and cow milk has an acid reaction. 
  • Helps correct many digestive disorders like IBS
  •  High in healing enzymes and has a superior form of calcium than cow milk 

So this time on our outing trip, we went to a goat's milk smoothie place! Everyone was pretty scared to try it so in the end we split smoothies and shared. I got the goat pression smoothie (blueberry flavored  and... it was.. unique? The first sip just tastes like a normal blueberry smoothie, but the after taste is somewhat creamy? Cheesy? The smoothie is not horrible but not something I would crave. One thing I disliked was the foamy part left when you finished up the juice because it was really, bitter and sour. Like not creamy foam of milk, but grainy and sour. I'm surprised they even have these types of smoothie shops in Seoul. Unique and special but not for me :)

blueberry and pineapple goat's milk smoothies
Type of goat's milk drinks they have
My blueberry goat pression smoothie (random Christmas decoration in the background)

Cute deco!

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