Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pizza Pizza Pizah!

In Korea there are different types of pizza. There are the common Hawaiian and peperoni ones... but they add one special ingredient. Corn. I personally thought it would make the pizza sweet, but you can't really taste it. There is even a bulgogi pizza! Bulgogi is a Korean dish consisting of marinated beef and with garlic and soya sauce. You'd think it tastes weird with pizza bread but it is actually really yummy!

Classic pepperoni pizza... with corn!  

Bulgogi Pizza

I love when you take the first slice of pizza when the cheese is still melt.  

I added a bit of hot sauce, perfect goodness!

I llooovvee cheese!

These are the types of pizzas you can get in Korea some different ones like sweet potato pizza.. which I personally do not like. sorry. 
The pizza place near SFS.

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  1. Captions are nice and big. I love all the close up pictures on the pizza!!!!! The font is kind of hard to read though. PIZZA IS GREAT!!!!!!!