Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ten Awesome Things About Korea

1. Korean street food! People may find it rather gross but it's just delicious! It ranges from fried dumplings stuffed with seasoned pork to "la po kee" which is a type of korean fast food. 

2. Korean barbecue. This is To. Die. For. Barbecued pork seared to perfection until it melts in your mouth. Yummmmm!

3. The colours of korea are beautiful! Every season is a new colour and texture. Amazing

4. Caribbean Bay! Awesome water park, especially when you go with your friends, Super cool and fun with rides for dare devils and relaxation.

5. The mountains are awesome. You can exercise while take pictures and dribble a soccer ball. Fun!

6. The little buttons on the restaurant table. You will never have to worry about waiters coming to your table every time.

7. The shoppings on the streets of Myeong Dong or Insa Dong are awesome too. You can get funky things for cheap prices.

8. The fashion in korea is really cool too. You can see different people outside in modern clothes and traditional ones.

9. The han river is a great place for a family picnic or a time cycling with friends! Awesome views and a calm bike trail, fun!

10. Seoul Foreign School. Best school in Korea, duh!


  1. niceee! i love everything that you said you lovedd!

  2. Good job with explaining everything and adding lots of pictures!